Street Level China

Welcome to Street Level China

We’re live! This network has officially launched on 01 January 2015 with three members; three more joined on 01 February 2015.

Street Level China is a network of independently-run China-centric info sites. By independently run we mean exactly that: we will never be acquired by an outside organisation and our views make up “the real China”.

The network was started by David Feng, who has decades of experience in both China and overseas in Europe. David has been to over 20 provinces in China, as well as hundreds of cities around the country, and has been part of the China scene on the Internet since 2002. He is now media academic, tech watcher, frequent rail traveller, and has extensive experience working with organisations throughout China.

Component sites have been featured extensive in the world media, with the sites and / or the founder(s) featured on the BBC, CNN, CNET, BusinessWeek, IDG, Wall Street Journal Asia, AdAge, Xinhua News Agency, People’s Railway Daily China, China Central Television, China National Radio, China Radio International, and much more.

The network currently consists of the following sites:

  • Unhyped China: a “China as-is” site showing viewers a more “real” China, without the hype
  • China City Directory: a directory for Chinese cities
  • techblog86: a tech blog started since 2008, focused mostly on China’s tech, mobile and startup world
  • a blog about media in China (along with the Chang’anjie Media Notebook)
  • Sinosphere Media Wiki: a wiki about China media (a component of
  • Tracking China: a details-rich, up-to-date info site about rail + city metro travel in China

Browse through all major sites: More info about Unhyped China